Sidewalk Walkway Repair

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    This image is a sidewalk repair nj project. This image was taken by our concrete contractors nj team in 2023.

    NewJersey Sidewalk and Walkway Repair Company

    Have you looked at your current sidewalk or walkway on your residential or commercial property and thought to yourself: my sidewalk or walkway really needs to be replaced? Or have you realized wow, it has really deteriorated.

    Or maybe you are ready and able to do the initial prep work for a new concrete driveway, but you’re not experienced with the process of pouring and sealing concrete or don’t have all the necessary equipment for the job?

    Is the sidewalk or walkway on your residential or commercial property in desperate need of some TLC?

    When you have a crack or raised portion on the sidewalk or walkway near your property, it not only looks awful, but it can also be a major safety hazard. And no one wants that!

    Well before you start searching for sidewalk repair near me on your phone or computer, allow us to meet your acquaintance.

    We are MJ’s Concrete Contractors Bergen County NJ and as our name may have hinted, we love and are experts in all things concrete. So, if you are looking to have your property’s sidewalk repaired, you need to contact us. In addition, our sidewalk repair contractors also offer the following concrete solutions:

    This image a is project done by our concrete contractors nj team in 2018. This project was a concrete walkway done by one our customers in NJ. The concrete is wet.

    When thinking about the walkway repair or sidewalk repair on your property, one of the most common questions we get from our customers is just who is responsible for sidewalk repair?

    We’ll break it down for you because this can be a complicated question. You see, when it comes to the streets around your property it’s clear who is responsible for the repairs. It’s not you, the property owner, that’s for sure! But when it comes to concrete sidewalk repair and walkway repair, it all comes down to how the concrete came to be damaged. 

    Many property owners assume that because sidewalks are public property, they are thus a public responsibility. However, the truth is that many cities and municipalities hold property owners directly adjacent to the sidewalk responsible for its repairs.

    But don’t fret, we are true professionals  and we’re ready, willing, and able to repair concrete walkways and sidewalks. We are more than happy to walk you through the entire concrete repair process comprehensively with a free, initial sidewalk repair or walkway repair consultation. We will go over all the steps from timelines, to costs, disposal, and even the necessary bylaws and regulations for your property so you are completely compliant.

    So contact us today to get your free sidewalk/walkway consultation scheduled.