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    At MJ’s Concrete Contractors Bergen County NJ, one of our many specialties is installing high quality, solid concrete retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties. As a bonus, we also excel at retaining wall repair.

    So, you can cease your search for retaining wall contractors near me because our retaining wall contractors represent the top concrete retaining wall installers in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. Our objective is and always will be to secure and protect your property with our guaranteed retaining walls.

    Before we get ahead of ourselves, some of you may be wondering just what is a retaining wall in the first place? Allow us to explain. You see a retaining wall is simply a structure that holds or “retains” soil behind it. Retaining walls are often found in places where extra support is needed to prevent the soil on your property from moving downhill due to erosion. In other words, a retaining wall is a means of battling gravity!

    A retaining wall on your residential or commercial property also brings the added benefits of providing usable land, managing water runoff, and this may seem a tad silly, but your new retaining wall is a great place to sit, chat, and enjoy the views on your property.

    Our expert retaining wall contractors offer the following concrete retaining wall options:

    Now that we’ve gone over some of the concrete retaining wall basics, your next thought is most likely about the retaining wall cost. The cost for us to construct a concrete retaining wall on your property is determined by a combination of materials and labor. For a basic concrete retaining wall you should budget between $30 – $60 per square foot. Our customers also have the options of decorative finishes, curves, steps, lighting, and/or other upgrades that would be an additional cost. But please know we believe in always giving our customers a fair and honest estimate before we start on your new retaining wall. And we have worked with budgets of all sizes since we opened our doors. 

    We are here to go over every step of the retaining wall installation or repair process with you.
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