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    Have you looked at your current driveway on your residential or commercial property and thought to yourself: my driveway really needs to be replaced?  Have you realized wow, my driveway has really deteriorated.

    Or maybe you are ready and able to do the initial prep work for a new concrete driveway, but you’re not experienced with the process of pouring and sealing concrete or don’t have all the necessary equipment for the job?

    Well do we have good news for you! Our team at MJ’s Concrete Contractors Bergen County NJ are concrete experts! Concrete is our absolute favorite thing. Our concrete driveway contractors can do it all. We can remove, replace, repair, and/or resurface your existing concrete driveway. And our concrete driveway contractors can advise you on the best shape, design, style, and construction of your new concrete driveway. We got this, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We promise!

    This is an image of a concrete driveway we constructed for a customer in Bergen County NJ. This driveway was built by one of our professional concrete driveway concrete contractors in July 2022. This service was a concrete driveway repair.

    Our team at MJ’s Concrete Contractors NJ has earned the reputation of satisfying all the concrete needs of our customers through thorough and comprehensive customer service and open and honest communication with our customers at all times.

    Our team is willing to answer all of your concrete questions before any work is done to ensure you are completely sure and satisfied about your new concrete driveway.

    Do you want an honest conversation about choosing an asphalt vs concrete driveway? We can definitely advise you on this. Do you want to know how much does a concrete driveway cost? Yes, we can also talk about that too. In our experience the concrete driveway cost runs approximately $8 – $18 per square foot, depending on decorative colors and finishes and of course the size of your driveway. If you are looking to replace your concrete driveway completely, in addition to our estimate above, you can expect to budget approximately $1 per square foot for the tearing out and removal of your existing driveway. If you are looking to resurface your existing driveway, you
    can expect to budget $3-$10 per square foot.

    We know this is a lot of driveway concrete information to process.
    Contact us today for a free concrete driveway consultation and we’ll streamline the entire process for you.