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    This image is a pool deck project done by our concrete contractors nj company. This image was taken by one of our concrete contractors in 2019.

    At MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ, we have been smashing our competition for several years now with our professionalism and ability to tackle any and all of your concrete needs. 

    Whether you are looking for concrete contractors New Jersey for your residential, commercial, agricultural, and/or industrial property, we are the concrete contractors for you!

    Our concrete contractors can give you the ideal

    AT MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ we believe customer service, skills, experience, and reputation matter. Whenever we complete a concrete project, it’s like we are completing a concrete project for our family. In other words, we do it right and to the highest of standards the first time. No exceptions!

    So if you have a concrete project that you need done, but you don’t know how to even get started, call us, the leading concrete contractors New Jersey today for a free concrete consultation and custom estimate.

    At MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ, we are here to get you through the entire concrete process from A to Z including overall project design, getting all the required permits and inspections in order, and of course completing your concrete project to your satisfaction.

    About Us

    We at MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ truly excel when it comes to all of your concrete needs.

    Whether you are looking for residential concrete contractors, commercial concrete contractors, agricultural concrete contractors and/or industrial concrete contractors, we know we are the concrete company for you! So stop searching for concrete company near me and go with us. We are the choice when it comes to concrete contractors New Jersey.

    Since we opened our doors our concrete contractors have offered our customers the highest quality:

    At MJ’s Concrete Contractors of New Jersey we always strive to exceed the highest of standards, hire only the best people for our team, and to make your life easier with our superior knowledge of all things concrete.

    Contact us today for a free concrete consultation. Let’s get “rocking” on your property’s concrete project.

    Our Services

    All of us at MJ’s Concrete Contractors of New Jersey want to know a few things about you:

    Do you need a concrete company to remove and replace any existing concrete on your property?

    Do you need a new concrete driveway, walkway , and/or patio installed on your property?

    Have you done the prep work for your patio or driveway, but you’re not 100 percent comfortable with doing the pouring and finishing of the concrete yourself?

    Well good news: you’ve just found the gold standard when it comes to concrete services of Bergen County NJ.

    Our concrete contractors have been expertly offering the following concrete services to our customers:

    We know all things concrete. Contact our concrete contractors today for a free concrete consultation. Trust us, when it comes to concrete, we’re a rock solid team.

    Stamped Concrete

    You just might be wondering to yourself: what is stamped concrete?

    Allow our experts at MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ to break this down for you. Stamped concrete is concrete that has had color, pattern, and/or texture added to it to make it resemble other materials. Some popular examples include brick, stone, and tile. In fact, stamped concrete is often more affordable than the materials it is meant to resemble. Which is great and inexpensive news for property owners looking to add some personality to their properties.

    Yes, stamped concrete is definitely the best way to literally put the stamp of your personal style and design preferences on your property.

    At MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ, our stamped concrete contractors are here to assist you, plan, and implement your concrete design, layout, textures, and colors. With our stamped concrete contractors Bergen County NJ team, we will enhance the appearance of your residential, garden, and/or commercial property.

    So you can stop your search for stamped concrete near me because you’ve successfully found the gold standard when it comes to stamped concrete. Our stamped concrete contractors in Bergen County cover all the concrete bases including excavation, base preparation, compaction, rebar reinforcements, stamping, staining, pressure cleaning, and sealing. With our stamped concrete New Jersey experts, you are getting comprehensive concrete solutions that will last.

    Our stamped concrete contractors offer the following options to make your property stand out from the pack:

    We have no doubt you are most likely pondering what exactly is the stamped concrete cost? We at MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ believe in always keeping the lines of communication open with our customers. Basic stamped concrete costs between $9 – $13 per square foot, while more intricate or complex patterns can run at approximately $20 per square foot.

    But whatever your stamped concrete needs and budget are, we know we can work with you. Whether you are looking for a stamped concrete driveway, a backyard stamped concrete patio, or anything in between, we know we can deliver the stamped concrete goods.

    Contact us today for a free stamped concrete consultation.

    Concrete Patio

    We don’t mean to brag, but let us prove to you why we are the top concrete patio contractors around. At MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ we expertly design and construct the best concrete patios. We’re not kidding! So you can stop your search for concrete patio contractors near me. You’ve just found the blue ribbon for concrete contractors Bergen County NJ and its surrounding areas.

    Time to relax. Our concrete patio contractors will take care of all the details pertaining to your new concrete patio on your property. Our concrete patio contractors will take care of the breaking and removal of old concrete. And we’ll even do the groundwork by excavating if that’s what your property requires. Our concrete contractors will then pour our high quality concrete and of course protect it with sealant, so you can enjoy your new concrete on your property for years to come.

    Whether you are looking for a concrete patio for your residential or commercial property, our team has hundreds of innovative concrete patio ideas to share with you. Our team offers the following concrete patio options:

    At MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ we have always been open and honest with our customers when it comes to the cost of all our concrete products. We just don’t believe in surprising you with secret fees and costs when the job is through. So if you are wondering about the stamped concrete patio cost, we’ll be upfront with you!First of all, we must point out that our customers find stamped concrete patios an appealing option for a variety of reasons: they are extremely low maintenance; highly customizable; and so much more affordable than other common patio materials like stone, slate, and marble.

    In our experience, the average cost for a stamped concrete patio is about $4,500. The total cost for your stamped concrete patio is dependent on factors including customization, the complexity of the pattern you wish to have stamped on your new concrete patio, and naturally the size of your patio. We always tell our customers to budget between $8 – $28 per square foot.

    We could go on and on about concrete patios, so contact our pros today for a free concrete patio consultation.

    Concrete Driveway

    Have you looked at your current concrete driveway on your residential or commercial property and thought to yourself: my driveway really needs to be replaced? Or have you realized wow, my driveway has really deteriorated.

    Or maybe you are ready and able to do the initial prep work for a new concrete driveway, but you’re not experienced with the process of pouring and sealing concrete or don’t have all the necessary equipment for the job?

    Well do we have good news for you! Our team at MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ are concrete experts! Concrete is our absolute favorite thing. Our concrete driveway contractors can do it all. We can remove, replace, repair, and/or resurface your existing concrete driveway. And our concrete driveway contractors can advise you on the best shape, design, style, and construction of your new concrete driveway. We got this, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We promise!

    Our concrete driveway contractors offer the following driveway concrete solutions:

    Our team at MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ has earned the reputation of satisfying all the concrete needs of our customers through thorough and comprehensive customer service and open and honest communication with our customers at all times. Our team is willing to answer all of your concrete questions before any work is done to ensure you are completely sure and satisfied about your new concrete driveway.

    Do you want an honest conversation about choosing an asphalt vs concrete driveway? We can definitely advise you on this.

    Do you want to know how much does a concrete driveway cost? Yes, we can also talk about that too. In our experience the concrete driveway cost runs approximately $8 – $18 per square foot, depending on decorative colors and finishes and of course the size of your concrete driveway. If you are looking to replace your concrete driveway completely, in addition to our estimate above, you can expect to budget approximately $1 per square foot for the tearing out and removal of your existing driveway. If you are looking to resurface your existing concrete driveway, you can expect to budget $3-$10 per square foot.

    We know this is a lot of driveway concrete information to process. Contact us today for a free concrete driveway consultation and we’ll streamline the entire process for you.

    Retaining Wall

    At MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ, one of our many specialties is installing high quality, solid concrete retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties. As a bonus, we also excel at retaining wall repair.

    So you can cease your search for retaining wall contractors near me because our retaining wall contractors represent the top concrete retaining wall installers in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. Our objective is and always will be to secure and protect your property with our guaranteed retaining walls.

    Before we get ahead of ourselves, some of you may be wondering just what is a retaining wall in the first place? Allow us to explain. You see a retaining wall is simply a structure that holds or “retains” soil behind it. Retaining walls are often found in places where extra support is needed to prevent the soil on your property from moving downhill due to erosion. In other words, a retaining wall is a means of battling gravity!

    A retaining wall on your residential or commercial property also brings the added benefits of providing usable land, managing water runoff, and this may seem a tad silly, but your new retaining wall is a great place to sit, chat, and enjoy the views on your property.

    Our expert retaining wall contractors offer the following concrete retaining wall options:

    Now that we’ve gone over some of the concrete retaining wall basics, your next thought is most likely about the retaining wall cost. The cost for us to construct a concrete retaining wall on your property is determined by a combination of materials and labor. For a basic concrete retaining wall you should budget between $30 – $60 per square foot. Our customers also have the options of decorative finishes, curves, steps, lighting, and/or other upgrades that would be an additional cost. But please know we believe in always giving our customers a fair and honest estimate before we start on your new retaining wall. And we have worked with budgets of all sizes since we opened our doors.

    We are here to go over every step of the retaining wall installation or repair process with you. Contact us today for a free concrete retaining wall consultation.

    Sidewalk Walkway Repair

    Is the sidewalk or walkway on your residential or commercial property in desperate need of some TLC? When you have a crack or raised portion on the sidewalk or walkway near your property, it not only looks awful, but it can also be a major safety hazard. And no one wants that! Well before you start searching for sidewalk repair near me on your phone or computer, allow us to meet your acquaintance.

    We are MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ and as our name may have hinted, we love and are experts in all things concrete. So if you are looking to have your property’s sidewalk repaired, you need to contact us. In addition our sidewalk repair contractors also offer the following concrete solutions:

    When thinking about the walkway repair or sidewalk repair on your property, one of the most common questions we get from our customers is just who is responsible for sidewalk repair?

    We’ll break it down for you because this can be a complicated question. You see, when it comes to the streets around your property it’s clear who is responsible for the repairs. It’s not you, the property owner, that’s for sure!

    But when it comes to concrete sidewalk repair and walkway repair, it all comes down to how the concrete came to be damaged.

    Many property owners assume that because sidewalks are public property, they are thus a public responsibility. However, the truth is that many cities and municipalities hold property owners directly adjacent to the sidewalk responsible for its repairs.

    But don’t fret, we are true professionals and we’re ready, willing, and able to repair concrete walkways and sidewalks. We are more than happy to walk you through the entire concrete repair process comprehensively with a free, initial sidewalk repair or walkway repair consultation. We will go over all the steps from timelines, to costs, disposal, and even the necessary bylaws and regulations for your property so you are completely compliant.

    So contact us today to get your free sidewalk/walkway consultation scheduled.

    Concrete Landscape

    Since opening our doors, MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ has continually strived to provide the ultimate concrete solutions for you.

    And as the leading concrete contractors in Bergen County, our concrete contractors are proud to offer these innovative and custom concrete landscape options to you:

    Say goodbye to boring and dull concrete options. You deserve so much more and with MJ’s Concrete Contractors of Bergen County NJ, your new concrete landscaping can be creative and attractive. This means adding more appeal and value to your commercial or residential property.

    We have so many concrete landscape options to liven up your driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, garden walls, steps, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and more! Our team utilizes texture, scale, color, and the latest trends. The only limit for expressing your property’s true aesthetic is your imagination. From classic to modern, we invite you to explore our limitless concrete ideas to use concrete to craft the property of your dreams.

    Here are some additional ways we have utilized concrete to improve a property’s overall landscape:

    1. Add a concrete retaining wall. The addition of a structural retaining wall allows you to maximize the space of your property and add loads of visual appeal.
    2. Add paver stones. Paver stones are a great material to work with if you’re looking to add flair to your property. And just so you know, paver stones aren’t just for walkways and patios anymore, they can also be used to frame flower beds
    3. Stain or stamp your new concrete. The process of stamping or staining your new concrete can make it look like an entirely different material such as brick, granite, slate, or other natural stones.
    Whether your residential or commercial property is big or small, we are ready to work with you. Because we know that every property is as unique as the people who spend time in it. And this goes for your concrete budget size as well. We have worked with budgets both big and miniscule. We know how to get every bang for your buck.

    Contact us today for a free, comprehensive concrete landscape consultation.